“I can’t live somewhere without trees, something crucial in me will starve.”


I’ve always liked to go into little forests where there’s no man-made paths but just dirt, tree branches and leaves. My parents liked the “artificial” ones better as it is cleaner and easier to walk in.

I remember how I used to walk until I get lost while talking to myself but would always be forced to cut my daydreaming time short with my parents around trying to engage me in conversations. I’m not a closed off person at all but I do like making scenarios in my head and making up lines for myself and the person I imagined myself to be talking to… But I am sure you all do that.. right?

This summer had been the first time I spent so much time appreciating and loving trees and branches. It was a good way for me to reflect and clean out tumultuous thoughts and feelings. Being in sync with nature releases my endorphin and triggers happiness even if it’s only temporary.

There’s just something about the way the light peeks through the leaves and the way the tall trees stands protectively and around. I can finally let out the breath I’ve been holding in.

Discovering innocence and beauty in forests made me realized that travelling and adventures don’t always have to be miles away from where you are. It could simply be just a couple of blocks down the road in that little forest you’ve always thought to be boring. It could even be the best adventure you’ve ever been on. I want to feel like this everyday. I want to see the brilliance in little things. I want to enjoy life frame by frame. I want to never stop pushing myself to be better. Because this summer was the first time I saw myself being alone. And it really is true that you don’t know yourself until you’ve spent time alone with yourself. So go out and find your own little forest, name it Sanctuary, be alone and be alright.

originally posted on 09/16/15