The ocean and the shore

The Ocean kissed the shore softly, again and again. The Shore blushed under the setting sun and lightly pushed the ocean away. She didn’t know if she wanted this. It felt right but was it worth it? The ocean refused to stop coming back no matter how many times he was sent away. and the shore was thankful for this time to let her figure out her feelings.

The shore slowly fell in love. Bit by bit she started to see the way the ocean glistens under the sun, the way he carries the fresh salted air and the way he caresses her like she was glass. she enjoyed every moment with him even the little ones that probably meant nothing.

Then one day, the storm between them died down and another one started up on the shore. the ocean started keeping distance. he saw what a mess she is. said he didn’t see her beauty anymore. said it had been a waste of time.

The shore became guarded. “I don’t need him anyways” She found herself saying But, days gone by and he was still her first thought when she wakes and at 3am it was him that she sings about. They both build up rock walls wishing the other would break it down first…

Everyone only admired the ocean when the sun is out, once darkness settles, Sharp breeze kicks in and the sharks party. No one wants to swim among the waves. The shore hoped she had never made the ocean feel like that. like he was only brilliant in the light. like his darkness isn’t worth the time exploring. because, she still stares him in awe.