Chapter 1

January Overview

January overview.jpg

Look of the month: dark eyebags, glowy skin, rosy cheeks.

Song of the month: I do  Holley Maher

This month I have been:

*Getting regular 7-8 hours of sleep

*Realizing how soft I am and how I need to find a balance in between.

*Falling in love with spaghetti.

Quote to represent this month: “You can just tell when people lose that spark for you”

Total cries this month: 5

Stress Level: 12/10

Crush Status: “You are at once both the quiet and the confusion of my heart.” – Franz Kafka

Favourite journal spread this month:


Okay… so I know I haven’t been posting for the whole entire month of January.. It has been dramatically busy for me  to juggle loads of homework at school, prepare for tests, apply for scholarships all due on the same day and worry about when I am getting my acceptance letters from universities.

But… I just received an admission letter yesterday from my dream school so now a lot of my stress has been lifted.

Apologies for only one post for January.


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