Just that Simple

I’ve sought simplicity for as long as I can remember but I have a bad habit of giving in to their begging for a narrative. Subconsciously, I’ve been tricked into thinking that what I needed was cohesion so I began piecing gloom together into chaos. While others were creating illusions of a stable universe, I was living life 10 feet off the ground on a tittering ladder. I wanted there to be significance in my pain. I wanted to believe that I deserved something because I was thrown into mishaps. So I romanticized victimhood. But in came self pitying that didn’t really agree with the knowledge of my own self worth so I became split confused as to who I was supposed to be.
Then you came into my story with your hand out asking me to dance. I thought it was ludicrous how you couldn’t understand that I was going miles riding my storms. And I watched you close your eyes and smile with your hands in the air and your hips swaying to the rhythm of the simplicity that I thought I knew. I told you, you were just ignoring your problems because in my eyes I thought I was doing the utmost charging into my anxieties heads on. You pulled me in anyways and I realized, truly truly realized, that this was what I was looking for all along. That life is as simple and as sweet as you make it out to be.

All love, blissinlace