She left me relying on the crepuscular rays.

And deep down, I know. I could’ve gone dancing in my red velvet dress.

But instead, I spend the night laying in my crimson tears.

She will always be the reason why but I don’t mind.


And I am done hiding my moans in between his lips; I was breaking through and through.

He thought I was lusting but

man, I was too busy flirting with the seasonal blues.

I made the Devil my boy toy. Created tornados between the sheets trying to drown him. I thought I was in control but I was so numb I wasn’t sure if my feet were on the ground.



Now with You I’m feeling life again as if for the first time.

I don’t mind where you want to go. I’ll let you take me there.

Now everyone could see the glow. Honey, you can take me anywhere.

I am learning to hold my words in my eyes, gaze at you without wondering fears.

Drink my wine and laugh with you.


Would you hold my thoughts for as long as I read your love letters? It may take eternity hun, I hope you don’t mind.

All love, blissinlace