Artist: Charissa Leung

Every piece is made by yours truly in a little apartment in Downtown Toronto, pressed with love. Instead of creating hundreds of prints at a time, a limited number of pieces are made and framed. None the same, making them extra extra special.

Love letter from Char:

The first time I got flowers was from one of my closest friends. I just remember the genuine happiness and love I felt as she handed me the bouquet. Such a simple gesture, but to me it meant the entire world . I watched the petals gently crumble as the days went by, smiling to myself because they were reminiscent of the best night. I began the series “I am a part of all I have met”, wanting to leave small pieces of me behind with all the people who made my senior year of high school memorable. I wanted to recreate and share the feeling I had when I received those flowers. Every flower held a sentimental memory I had shared with the person. Flowers can do more than simply lift someone’s spirits. For those too timid, when words just seem difficult to come by, a fragrant bouquet of fresh cut flowers can speak for you. But flower giving has somewhat lost its meaning when they are only given under special occasions. My series integrates the old time tradition into a new gift giving gesture; flexible for any occasion and perfect for everyone. However the intention of my pieces are not to gift for an occasion, but rather to send to someone special out of the blue. Everyday, we take the people in our lives for granted. A small token of appreciation can go a long way. Sometimes a simple “just because” is all that is needed to brighten someone’s day. I don’t make art with the ultimate goal to make money. As cliche as it might be, I create because it gives me a sense of fulfillment and purpose.. A feeling that most, if not all, artists crave. Just knowing my artwork is appreciated and supported by the people in my life and strangers, urges me to create even more. I don’t know what is next, but I promise there will always be more.

A simple flower,
that’s all it shall take.
like a thousand sweet poems,
to elicit your sweet smile.

What has withered isn’t merely waste.
here, with what holds the memories
and the beauty of our times,
my sentiment to you.
               -with love, ​
  Charissa Leung



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