Doris is a neuroscience student who loves the academics but can’t manage to escape her heart’s longing to art. So… she spends her transit-life writing, and her nights going to film screenings.
“Bliss in Lace” started out, in 2014, as a place to simply share thoughts and artworks but overtime, Doris fell in love with visual storytelling and the way she could use it to celebrate the tangible moments in life.
The name “Bliss in Lace” was derived from Doris’ journey in creating her multi-dimensionality. “Bliss” is a reminder for what the road is full of while “Lace” is her middle name and, through the experience, she hopes to open herself up to the opportunity of being as many characters as possible.
On the journey to myself. I’ve been so many people” – Indigo Williams
This blog is for you. The you that just wants to be happy. The you who wants to learn how to edit their life ruthlessly  to create a masterpiece.  The you who has bounced against the rough edges of life. The you who is too scared to say what’s on your mind. The you who gets excited about the little things in life.
 If you would like to work with me, have a question, or would just like to say hello, you can email me at blissinlace@gmail.com.  I am available for a select amount of custom work and collaborations.